How to Apply Hayya Card Qatar for FIFA (Requirements & Benefits)

The FIFA World Cup Qatar is the world’s largest sporting event. Qatar is hosting this edition of the Football World Cup starting from November 20th, 2022, to December 18th, 2022. A total of 64 matches featuring the world’s leading football teams from 32 countries will compete for the glory.

Qatar is expecting a never seen inward flow of spectators for the event. In addition to being an opportunity, it is a real challenge for the organizing committee to accommodate millions of visitors.

Qatar government has launched the Hayya Card to facilitate international and local fans. A mandatory Fan ID card is required to enter Qatar during World Cup time.

We will let you know the requirements, benefits, and step-by-step process to apply for the Hayya Card through this guide. So let’s get started.

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What is Hayya Card?

Hayya card is Fan ID. It is issued to those visiting Qatar to attend FIFA World Cup 2022. It is mandatory, so you cannot enter Qatar without a valid Hayya Card, passport, and stadium ticket.

Hayya card is available in digital as well as hard form. You can have your Hayya card from the mobile app.

Hayya Card contains the below information of the visitor:

  • Cardholder’s name
  • Passport Number
  • Photo
  • Status
  • Match tickets
  • Hayya number
  • QR code

FIFA has vetted the Hayya card. As per the official statement, local and international fans must apply for a Hayya card. The government of Qatar will issue the card in line with the country’s security strategy. However, FIFA does not accept or issue Hayya cards.

Benefits of Hayya Card

Hayya card will offer multiple benefits to its holders, including but not limited to:

  • For overseas traveling fans, the Hayya card will serve for entry into the state of Qatar during the World Cup 2022.
  • Cardholders can avail of free bus traveling, which includes Qatar’s public transport system, shuttle services, Doha metro, and Lusail tram services on all match days.
  • Match tickets and Hayya cards will allow fans to enter the stadium during the match days.
  • It will allow fans to become part of the off-the-field activities for the World Cup, like fan gatherings and musical and food concerts.
  • The Hayya mobile app offers intelligent trip-planning options. Fans will have access to stay and dining options in the app.
  • Hayya card holders can have multiple entry visa options to UAE and Saudi Arabia.
  • It will allow fans to get free mobile SIM cards.
  • The cardholders can avail of multiple discount offers on the official merchandising shops.

Hayya Card Requirements

Follows the requirements to apply for a Hayya card.

1. Passport / QID

However, residents of Qatar are required to have a valid QID to get their Hayya card.

International fans need to have a three-month valid passport. A scanned copy of the passport is required for application. Furthermore, you must upload the documents below through the mobile app or web portal.

  • Scanned image of the passport bearing your name and passport number.
  • An image should be in JPG or JPEG format and should be less than 2MB in size.
  • The MRZ code (usually printed at the bottom of the passport) must be visible and readable; otherwise, your application will be rejected.
  • Uploading only one page or multiple pages will lead to the rejection of the application.
  • Crop out the unnecessary space and make your documents visible and readable.

2. Match Ticket

Hayya cards are only being issued to fans with match tickets. Fans with a minimum of one match ticket can easily apply. Please note that you need only one card, even though you have multiple match tickets.

Before starting with your online application, in addition to your passport, keep your ticket number or voucher number ready with you.

3. Accommodation

To get a Hayya card, all those fans planning to stay for more than 24 hours in Qatar must provide their accommodation plan. It includes the address and contact details of where you plan to visit.

You can quickly locate affordable accommodation options on the official web page of the accommodating agency.

Similarly, if you plan to stay with your family or friend, your host must register your stay on the Hayya app.

International can apply for a Hayya card without providing accommodation plans. However, you will have to submit these details before the final approval of the card.

Fans who will not stay for more than 24 hours can provide their match-day shuttle service details. For them, accommodation details are not mandatory.

However, residents must provide their national address bearing building, street, and zone numbers.

4. Passport Size Photo

A high-resolution passport-size photograph is mandatory for the Hayya card. The below requirements are compulsory for the picture:

  • The photo must be 30 X 40 (W X H) mm. The minimum resolution requirement is 720px.
  • The file should not exceed 2MB in size.
  • Only use colored JPG or JPEG formats.
  • Use only the latest photo; a picture twelve months older from the date of application will be rejected.
  • Use a plain white or light grey as the background.
  • The face must be visible and cover 70% to 80% of the frame.
  • The face must be straight; the eyes should be open. The expression must be regular.
  • Make sure your eyes are apparent.
  • The photo should not be blurry.
  • The picture should be over or under-exposed.
  • If you wear a head cover, ensure your face is visible. Avoid wearing a cap, hat, or headband.
  • Do not use mobile phone selfies.

Steps to Apply for Hayya Card

Please follow the below steps to get your Hayya card approved:

Step 1: Visit the Official Website

Go to the official website to apply for a Hayya card at

Step 2: Click “Apply for Hayya”

You will see a “Apply for Hayya” link on the official website. You must create a new account by clicking the “Click Here to Sign Up” option.

Apply for Hayya Card

However, if you already have an account, click the “Sign In” option, and provide your login credentials to move further.

Step 3: Create your Hayya Account

Complete your sign-up by providing the required information. You need to enter your email ID, first name, and surname. Select your password, and reconfirm it. Enter your verification code, and click the “Sign Up” button after accepting the terms and conditions.

Create your Hayya Account

Step 4: Enter OTP

You will receive an OTP in your provided email. Enter the OTP to verify your email. Click “Next.” There you have it! Your Hayya account is now active and ready to mingle.

Enter OTP

Step 5: Log in with your Hayya account

Login to your new Hayya account after account activation. Click on “Apply for Hayya”

Step 6: Select the applicant category

In this step, you need to select your category from below mentioned options:

  • Select “Match Ticket Holder” if you have a ticket, and enter your ticket number
  • Select “Match Voucher Holder” and enter and voucher number
  • Select “Match Hospitality Package” and enter the order number
  • Select “Lusail Super Cup Match Ticket” and enter the application number
  • If you are FIFA Accredited Member, choose that option

Select applicant category

Step 7: Uploading picture

Upload your latest (not older than one year) high-resolution photo in 30 x 40 mm. Your picture should not exceed 2MB in JPG or JPEG format.

Step 8: Enter details

The last step requires you to provide your personal information.

provide your personal information

  • If you are a Qatar resident, you must only have your QID number and date of birth. Once done, click “Validate my QID,” and you are with your Hayya card application.
  • However, if you are an international applicant or a GCC member, upload the first page of your passport in color.
  • The system will auto-populate all required information from your passport.
  • If the system fails to complete the details, you can manually fill in the required information.
  • If you do not have the last name, make sure to add your father’s name as your last name.
  • Cards for Qatar portal may amend your credentials to match your passport, so ensure to add details by checking your passport credentials.
  • Lastly, enter your contact details, which include your phone number and emergency contact details.
  • Click the “Review & Submit” button.
  • You will keep receiving updates on your application at provided email address.

Once approved, you can access FIFA Hayya Card through the mobile app for Android and iOS.

Hayya Card Status Meaning

You will see either of the below updates for your Hayya card application. We have mentioned the necessary action required from your side for each update.

Hayya Card Status Status Meaning What To Do
Draft Application is pending submission Complete and Submit the application
Pending The application is being processed None
Pending (Accommodation Confirmation) Your accommodation needs to be validated Validate your accommodation
Approved Hayya card is approved None
Rejected Update and Resubmit the application Fix the error and resubmit
Data Error Update and Resubmit the application (up to 5 times) Fix the error and resubmit
Request for Correction Update and resubmit (photo or document is non-compliant) Upload a new photo/passport scan
Canceled Application is canceled None

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the approval time for 2022 World Cup Cards?

Hayya card 2022 for local Qatar residents is three days, while for overseas applicants, it is five days.

Who to contact if my Hayya card application is delayed?

If your card is delayed by more than five days, you can contact the Hayya helpline through email at, call 800 2022 (within Qatar), or +974 4441 2022 (outside Qatar).

Where can I track my Haya card?

My Hayya dashboard on the official website of the Hayya card provides your application details. Log in to get the latest status.

What is the most common error in Hayya card application rejection?

The most common errors are the wrong upload of passport and picture. You need to meet the required criteria and re-upload your passport.

How can I get my Hayya card?

You can get your Hayya card on the Hayya mobile app upon approval. If you need a physical card, you must visit the official counters of the Hayya card in Qatar. However, a digital card is fine and works like a physical card.

Where can I download Hayya card fan ID on my mobile?

Hayya app is available for download on App Store (iOS), Google Play Store (Android), and Huawei App Gallery.

Can I use my mobile app sign-up credentials on the website page?

You can use your login information on the Hayya card web portal and mobile app.

What is the time difference in Qatar?

Qatar is GMT/UTC+3; calculate the difference time per local time and daylight savings.

What is FIFA Hayya card validity?

Hayya card is valid for entry purposes from November 1st, 2022, till December 23rd, 2022. In addition, cardholders can stay in Qatar until January 23rd, 2022.

Can I enter the Doha exhibition and convention center with my Hayya card for 2022?

Yes, you can enter off-the-field activities during FIFA World Cup 2022, including free entrance to the Doha exhibition and convention center.

What are Hayya FIFA card prices?

The Hayya FIFA card is free. You only need a match-day ticket to apply for a Hayya card.

What are Hayya card’s customer service contact numbers?

You can reach out to Hayya card customer services round the clock, which is available in multiple languages.

  • Email Contact: For general queries, you can send your emails to
  • For inquiries about accommodation, use

What is the deadline to apply for the Hayya card FIFA?

There is no deadline; however, you are encouraged to apply as soon as possible to avoid any last-moment hiccups.

Do I need to apply for a Hayya card despite not attending matches?

Yes, whether you will attend a match or not, you need a Hayya card if you plan to visit Qatar during the FIFA World Cup 2022.


Hayya card is one step solution to all queries regarding entry, stay entertainment, match entries, and other info for the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Our guide covered all the steps required to get your Hayya Card 2022. In addition, we have provided you with information about the benefits of the Hayya card.

It is a simple procedure, but remember that a Hayya card is mandatory to enter Qatar during the FIFA World Cup. So, apply for your card now!

We hope we have covered all details circulating the Hayya card; if you still need further info, feel free to leave your query in the comments.

You can also Check Qatar Visa status online.

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