How To Apply For A Qatar ID? Step-by-Step Guide

Qatar ID cards are required not only for government requirements but also for everyday activities, such as getting cell phone service, shopping discounts, or browsing certain websites. ID cards protect against identity theft and allow a person to function as a fully functioning citizen with full rights and responsibilities. It is only possible for a few people under the control of competent authorities to alter registration information.

According to the Ministry of Interior (MOI), Qataris must carry their ID cards “at all times” to prove their identities. Residents are advised to present their identity cards to authorities upon request.

Qatar requires that you obtain an ID if you intend to relocate there. Using the card at government buildings, paying bills, and renting an apartment will be a breeze. Moreover, your options are almost endless if you’re a Qatari resident. Expat employers handle most paperwork; you only need to worry about a few details.

In order to prove their identity, residents must present this card along with their passports when departing the country. Additionally, ID cards benefit children as well. To enter Qatar, citizens from abroad must carry their passports and ID cards.

Qatar ID cards have gained importance since residency permits came off passports in 2014. As soon as expats have their new identity cards, they can only use them to prove their identity and residency in Qatar.

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Who can apply for Qatar ID?

Qatar IDs are mandatory for children and adults who plan to stay in the country for at least one year.

Employers are typically responsible for facilitating QID applications for expats. After arriving in Qatar, foreign workers receive a three-month visa to allow them to apply for their ID. Qatar Visa Centers are available in some countries while their employees are still in their home countries. Expats who sponsor family members will assist them with the application process.

What are the requirements for obtaining a Qatar ID?

A medical examination and blood testing will be necessary before applying for a Qatar ID. Medical facilities accredited by the Joint Commission will take care of the process for you. In this case, the employer is responsible for the application expenses. Before applying you must Check Your Qatar Visa status and then apply for Qatar ID.

Qatar ID Application Process: Step-by-Step Guide

The Ministry of Interior Qatar website allows applicants to apply for Qatar ID online. You can view the Qatar ID Card Application terms and conditions by going to Department Services and choosing Official Documents Services.

According to the website, several documents are necessary for applicants:

  • Photographs of the applicant (for applicants over 65 and younger than 12 years of age)
  • Completed application form, downloadable from MOI’s website
  • Original and photocopies of passports
  • Certification of blood group
  • Birth certificate photocopy
  • Parental ID photocopy
  • Parental or guardian consent letter
  • A medical examination involving an X-ray and a blood test will occur at the medical facilities within 2 – 5 days of your arrival. In most cases, the Medical Commission shall clear the assignment within 2-4 business days unless they find the assignee to be unfit and so assign to that person special procedures for clearance of the Medical report. In general, depending on the patient, it may take a week to a month.
  • Biometric fingerprints: As soon as your medical result has cleared, you will receive an appointment for Fingerprinting.
  • Qatar ID card and residence permit issuance: In most cases, fingerprint clearance takes between 2-4 days. It follows that an ID/residence permit will issue for Qatar.

Note: Applicants 12 years of age and younger must be physically present at the time of application.

After applying go to Qatar ID Check for the current status of your QID.

What to do if your Qatar ID card missing?

Residents are responsible for reporting the loss of their ID cards to the General Directorate of Passports.

Within Qatar:

Residents or company representatives must fill out a lost ID form and submit their passports for verification. The lost report fee is QR200, and the replacement card fee is if the card goes missing within Qatar.

Outside Qatar:

A Return Permit for a Resident is issued if a resident’s card goes missing outside Qatar. In order to obtain such a permit, you must file a report in the country where the card was lost, send it to their representative in Qatar, and attested to by the Qatari authorities.

There is a fee of QR200 for this permit. Upon receiving the document, the resident abroad can enter the country. The resident should try to get a new card from the Expatriates Affairs Department after arriving in Qatar.


In summary, a Qatar ID is essential for residents and nationals. All government transactions require an ID, including the application for a license or receiving medical care. A fee is charged annually upon renewal.

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