How to Change Date of Birth in Qatar ID?

The Metrash2 app officially allows you to change your date of birth in Qatar. Passport data changes are now available through the Metrash2 app in coordination with MOI’s Information Systems Department. By doing so, an individual can change their name and date of birth online rather than contacting the personal information changing committee.

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How does Metrash2 change personal information?

Following these steps will allow public users to change their names and birthdates online using the Metrash2 application from the General Directorate of Passports of the MOI:

  • Open Metrash2.
  • Add the login details.
  • On the next page, click on ‘Residency’ and then ‘Change Personal Information. It is here where you can update your date of birth.
  • Now click the ‘Apply Applications’ button.
  • Once you enter your QID number, select the service you need: change of date of birth.
  • Please attach the following documents:
    ❖ Before changing the passport, provide the old copy.
    ❖ Clarifying the change in writing.
    ❖ Birth certificate attested by the Foreign Ministry.
  • The registration process will end with a message saying, ” This application has been registered.”

Application Tracking and Follow-Up

  • Enter the QID of the applicant or owner in the “Follow up Applications” window.
  • You will receive an advertisement form approved by the publisher by email.

How to post the newspaper memo

  • In the “Upload Newspaper Memo” window, choose the application.
  • Following the nationality listed in the identification documents, choose a newspaper and language.
  • After completing the required information and attaching the advertisement, specifying the start date, you’ll receive a message confirming your submission.


  • Depending on the language of the residency document, announcements appear in Qatari newspapers accredited for publication in that language.
  • There is no need for a newspaper advertisement for children under the age of 7.
  • It takes 14 days for the service to conclude from the date the newspaper advertisement is published.
  • Applicants must submit their applications from within Qatar.

How does the Metrash2 app work?

The following tabs are available on the top of the Metrash2 app:

My Info Tab

  • In the info tab, you will find information on your official documents, such as your passport, Qatar ID, driving license, and date of last entry.
  • You can find details about your family members under Residence Services.
  • The third row contains details about traffic violations and owned vehicles.
  • In the last row, you will find Visa Services.

Note: Clicking on each icon will display more details.

Services Tab

Listed under the Services tab are the following services:

  • Residency: “Residency” page contains options like Issuance of Residency Permit, Cancellation of Residency, Renewal of Residency, Replacement of Damaged or Lost Id, Sponsored Names Report, Re-issue of Residence Permit, Sponsorship Change, Automatic Renewal of Residence Permit, etc.
  • Traffic: The “Traffic Services” page provides services such as License Renewal, Checking Traffic Violations, Paying for Traffic Violations, Vehicle Ownership Transfers, and Accident Registrations.
  • Leave Notification: You can choose from Leave Notification, Return Permit, and Traveler Transaction on the Leave Notification page.
  • General Services. On this page, services such as reporting lost objects, getting a police clearance certificate, and obtaining a security permit are available.
  • Citizens: Various transactions for Qatari citizens are available on the “Citizens” page.
  • Visa: The Visa Page provides services such as issuing new visas, approving visas, extending visas, and following up with visa applications.
  • Communicate With Us: You can use this page to contact departments such as CID, Traffic, and Security Departments. Additionally, you can report traffic violations here.


How does MOI’s website work?

The Ministry of Interior provides the best e-services for Qataris and website users, such as applying for a Qatar visa or checking other essential documents. Visit the Moi Website for more information.

How can we renew our Qatar ID online?

Log in to the MOI dashboard and select “Qatari Citizen Services” followed by “Qatari Documents.” Choose to renew your Identity Card in the next step. Complete the online application form by uploading the required documents.

Is there a penalty for overstaying in Qatar?

Overstaying your visa or residency permit in the country can result in you being arrested or fined up to 50,000 QAR.

Can I remain in Qatar after my PR expires?

Upon cancellation of your sponsored residency permit, you have only 30 days to stay in Qatar. However, once your new visa arrives, you can resume work immediately in the country.

Does Qatar require an entry permit for entry?

Residents and visitors arriving in Qatar do not need a special entry permit if they hold valid work visas or residence permits.

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