How to Check Fine on Qatar ID?

What is your fine history in Qatar, and would you like to know if you can pay your fines online? There is a possibility of doing so. Qatar ID (QID) is the most crucial card if you work in Qatar. Almost every transaction you conduct in the country requires this identification. In some circumstances, you may need to present your QID when applying for government benefits and even transacting with private companies, such as banks.

The residence permit includes your QID. Maintain a regular check on the validity of your ID. Card expirations or cancellations make it ineligible for use. Having a QID is an essential document for traveling to the country. Every resident must carry a valid ID at all times. It is also necessary to have a QID when dealing with an official or a bank or when sending money internationally. License applications require your ID number as well.

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Traffic Violation fine on Qatari ID

Traffic infraction fines apply for violating traffic rules, such as crossing the signal, parking in the wrong spot, etc. You can find out the status of a traffic offense online, and electronic charges are available. Qatar also offers the option of paying traffic fines.

Using the MOI’s online portal, you can check the status of your traffic case and make payments online. As a service gateway, Hakoomi E-Services provides valuable information regarding Qatar Id fines.

How To Check Qatar ID Fine Instantly?

Visit to check your Moi Qatar ID card fine online. Once you click on Traffic Inquiries, you must enter your vehicle plate number or ID number. You will see the fine associated with your Moi Qatar ID.

At Moi Qatar Traffic Violations, you can find a list of your traffic violation fines in Qatar. The official MOI website lets you check for traffic violations.

  • First, go to, the official website of the Ministry of Interior.
  • Select Moi Services from the Homepage, then Inquiries, and then Traffic Inquiries to see the ID fine.
  • Using the number plate or ID, click on Traffic violations in Moi Qatar to view traffic violations.
  • You have two options here. View traffic violations and reports on screen. You can view traffic violations by selecting Violations of Traffic on the page.
  • The inquiry option displays many options when there is a traffic fine. The fine checker can check fines for your car’s number plate, ID number, company number, or foreign cars. Fill in the desired value.
  • Then enter your car’s number plate and the category you belong to, then click Submit.
  • A new window will open. You will see the time, the locations, the points, and the number of fines imposed on you.
  • The Settlement of Violations button is next to the Print button on the same page. Clicking the button will open a new page.
  • The following section contains information about traffic services and traffic violations. Clicking the link will require you to log in with your smart card.
  • Log in and complete the payment process to pay your Qatar traffic violation. Your traffic violation list will not show the same traffic offense if payment has cleared successfully.

Note: If you are having trouble making the payment online, you can visit the traffic department and pay the fee in person if you are having trouble paying online.


What is the online payment process for traffic violations in Qatar?

Qatar’s Metrash2 app or website makes it very convenient to pay traffic violation fines online. Following your check of the fine amount, you will be able to pay the fine online by entering your credit card information.

Is it possible to travel to Qatar without a Qatar ID?

Sadly, no. At the airport, you must present your identification before entering the country. A check of the MOI website will also allow authorities to verify whether or not your ID is valid. Your ID must be current to gain entrance. Keep a close eye on your ID.

What are the chances of canceling a Qatar ID?

Yes, it is. The authorities have the right to cancel an ex-pat’s passport and visa if they violate any Qatari law. A deportation order is also in the works for the ex-pat. The country will also not allow them to return.

What is the best way to obtain a copy of my Qatar ID?

Visit the e-services portal of the MOI. Ensure that your smart card contains the details you need. To obtain Qatari Documents, go to Qatari Citizen Services. Once the officials have received all the information, they will inform you of the associated fees.

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