How To Check If Your Qatar ID Is Cancelled?

An ex-pat’s Qatar ID becomes available upon granting residence allowances in Qatar. Verify that your ID card is valid and not expired. Whenever Qatari ex-pats travel abroad, they must check their Moi Qatar ID status.

Due to its need to verify ex-pat identities, driving licenses, and open bank accounts, the card could be vital. Sometimes the sponsoring employer imposes a minimum fee on associate ID cards. Charges for e-Gate and charge account credit are additional.

Moreover, it is clear that if you live in any country now, breaking their laws will cost you dearly. Similarly, Qatar’s law allows you to stay there if you follow the rules. Noncompliance with all terms and conditions will result in a cancellation of your visa. You can check your Qatar visa status online. If your ID is about to expire and you did not renew it before, its value is lost. In Qatar, you can renew it in person or via mobile.

Noncompliance will result in a heavy fine. Whether you pay the fine, you must check your ID status regularly.

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Check Qatar ID Cancellation

In order to discover whether your Qatar ID is canceled, you have two options.

  • You can find out if you are in Qatar by contacting government officials.
  • Secondly, entering the ID number on the Qatar website will let you know whether it has expired or not.

Your driving license and passport connect to your ID card. Hence, this is why MOI Qatar ID validity checking is so important. Your ID cards are proof of identity for various services, so if they expire, you can’t use them. There is no way to start all of your services at once. Bank accounts aren’t even available to you. Therefore, it is always a good idea to follow these steps to check your ID status online.

  1. Visit the MOI website: Check your ID on the Ministry of the Interior’s website. Visit to verify your ID. On this website’s homepage, you can find a variety of services.
  2. Select MOI Services: For an ID check, select the inquiry option. Describe the options you can choose, such as visas, traffic, etc.
  3. Go to the ‘Inquiries’ section: A new page will appear when you click on the “Other inquiry” tab. The other inquiry option offers two additional options: services and a description. Click on another service. Besides smart cards, other documents, the smart card activation form, and inquiries about Company IDs are also available for ID checks. Choose an option that fits your needs.
  4. Click Official documents: Upon clicking this option, a new page will open asking for information about your ID status. Enter your QID number, nationality, and captcha code here.
  5. QID number: Enter your QID number to verify your MOI Qatar ID. Fill in any numbers in the field to check your ID status.

Qatar ID Check Online By Passport Number

Visit the Moi Qatar ID Check webpage, and enter your passport number and nationality. After you fill out the Captcha code, your Moi id status will appear on your smartphone. You can check Moi Id Online by passport number on your mobile device or PC as described below.

  1. Visit and click on Inquiry.
  2. Click Other Inquiries and select official documents.
  3. Enter your valid passport number, nationality, and captcha code.
  4. Clicking the Search Button will display your Qatar ID Status.

Note: When the expiration date of an ID card, passport, or residency is approaching, renew the documents.

How to access official website?

The site is an official website of Qatar for determining Qatar’s residence status. Many services are available through it. You can follow the steps below to log in to this website.

  • Click on the website which is the homepage.
  • Select your desired service or inquiries.
  • Navigate to services.

What is the process for linking my mobile range to Qatar ID?

Utilize your ID to log in to the Self-Service system, then select the language you want. Then select Metrash2, which appears under ‘Personal services of credit card holders.’ Please provide your mobile number, and click on ‘Register into Service.’

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you can quickly check the Moi Qatar ID status on your mobile device or PC by putting a Qatar ID number on Moi’s website. In case of any other Qatar-related questions, you can check online on Moi Website or use the mobile application Metrash2. Comment below if you have any thoughts.

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