How To Renew Qatar ID in Metrash2?

Identification cards such as Qatar IDs and QIDs are subject to expiration. When your QID expires, you can renew without paying a fine for 3 months. It is also possible to renew Qatar IDs three months before expiration.

A penalty charge of QR 10 per day applies once the deadline has expired. Hukoomi informs employers and individuals that they can renew residence permits online and offline via MOI. However, you can only renew online for 1-3 years at a time. This guide explains how to renew your QID online using the Metrash2 app.

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What is Metrash2?

The Qatar Ministry of Interior has launched Metrash2, a free mobile application for employees, residents, and visitors to access official mobile phone services.

The 150 features of the app include renewing Qatar ID, renewing a driving license, transferring car ownership, and checking traffic violations. Moreover, in just one click, you can access your entire family’s data.

Mobile phone registration for Metrash2

  1. Get the Metrash2 app for your mobile device. You can find Metrash2 on Google Play or the App Store. Click the “Download” button, then click “Open.”
  2. Language selection. Initially, the app will open in Arabic. Click the bottom right button according to your preference. You can use Metrash2 in Arabic, French, English, Malayalam, Spanish, and Urdu. Click the “Login” button.
  3. Fill in your Qatar ID number and expiration date. The next screen will ask for your Qatar ID number. Enter it and click “Next.”. Now, enter your Qatar ID’s expiry date.
  4. Send a text message to 92992. In the Metrash2 application, a message is automatically generated for 92992 and sent. A message will appear with an activation code after clicking “SEND .”Then you will receive two activation codes.
  5. Activate codes and set PINs. You must enter your QID and both activation codes in the app. The app requires a six-digit PIN code. Your PIN will act as a password whenever you log into the app. So, choose a unique number. Make sure the PIN is correct and click “Submit.”
  6. Use the app for SMS confirmation. Your SMS confirmation will arrive within a few minutes. Metrash2 is now accessible with your PIN. As a first-time user, you must accept the Terms and Conditions. In the app, select “Accept.”

How to renew Qatar ID (QID) online using Metrash2 App

Renewing your Qatar ID through Metrash2 takes just a few steps:

  1. Launch the Metarash2 app on your Android or iOS device.
  2. Go to the ‘Residency’ menu and click it.
  3. Select ‘Residency Renewal
  4. You must enter your Qatar ID number and click the “Add” button.
  5. In the bottom right corner, click ‘ Next. ‘
  6. Please select the Qatar IDs you wish to renew and click on the ‘Next’ button.
  7. To receive your new Qatar ID, choose any delivery method.
  8. Fill out the payment information.
  9. Recheck the information for accuracy.
  10. Check the MOI website to see how your renewal is progressing.

Note: Renewing your Qatar ID is possible either through Qatar Post or by collecting it directly from Immigration.

After the renewal of your QID, you must check your health card expiry and if it’s expired you must visit Health Card Renewal Qatar for an online request.

Qatar ID renewal fee structure

  • Those with personal sponsorships, servants, farmers, or sailors must pay QR 300. (One year)
  • The sponsorship fee for a wife, a child, and a family is 500 QR. (One year)
  • Employers, institutions, and shops can sponsor employees with QR 1,000. (One year)
  • In the case of a three-year renewal, there is a 20% discount (for individuals, companies, wives, children, and families).
  • Qatar Post delivery requires an additional QR 20.

Check online for the Qatar ID expiry date

By using the Metrash2 app, it’s easy to find your Qatar ID expiration date.

  1. Download the Metrash2 app to your smartphone.
  2. Sign in if you have not already done so.
  3. App users can view their Qatar IDs.
  4. Click and hold to download.
  5. This digital QID now displays the issue date and expiration date.


Is it possible to send money using an expired Qatar ID?

No. Your ID will need to change if it is detected to be expired. Upon successful online registration, you will receive an email with your nearest verification location. You will receive a confirmation SMS after verification. You will then be able to transfer funds online.

What is the cost of renewing your Qatar ID?

There is usually a fee of QAR 500 for those over the age of 18 years. However, if you are a servant, driver, farmer, or fisherman, you are only required to pay QAR 300.

How can I pay on Metrash2?

Metrash2 supports two payment methods: credit cards (individuals) and direct debits (organizations).

What is the timeframe for renewing your Qatar ID?

Qatar ID renewal usually takes three to five working days, but in some cases, it may take up to seven days.

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