Kuwait Civil Id Renewal (Step By Step Guide)

We will let you know about the method of renewing your Kuwait Civil ID. Both Kuwaiti nationals and Kuwaiti expatriates under the age of 18 can have their IDs continued through an online application with the help of their parents. Likewise, all citizens over the age of eighteen can have their IDS renewed through phone calls or online applications. Getting your expired ID restored is has been made easy by the Kuwaiti government.

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All citizens over the age of 10 but less than 18 years can submit an ID renewal application over the phone or via filling and submitting an online form along with their latest photo.

Citizens above 18 can submit ID renewal requests on call or by online form submission; uploading the latest photo is mandatory along with online form submission.

You can check your Civil ID Status before applying for a new id.

Mandatory Documents

The below list of documents is mandatory while applying for Kuwait Civil ID renewal.

  • A copy of the Kuwaiti Nationality Certificate
  • The first and the last page of the Nationality Certificate must be scanned and uploaded with the online form submission.
  • Updated colored personal measuring 4 * 6 cm in size
  • The picture has to be captured without eyeglasses
  • Any pictures taken in military uniform are not acceptable
  • Face should be evident in the picture; an ideal face length ranges between 2:2 to 2:5 cm
  • The face must be at the center of the picture
  • The photo’s background must be transparent and should not distort the subject.
  • Original Kuwaiti civil ID / Old civil ID for Kuwaiti expatriates
  • Blank envelope
  • An application must have power of attorney from the Ministry of Justice if the requester does not appear physically.

Procedure for Kuwaiti Nationals

Please follow the below steps to have your ID renewed.

  • Citizens under 18 can visit the Public Authority of Civil Information Headquarters at Zahra in person and apply by hand. The application can also be submitted online via a website, on the phone, or through your parents.
  • For citizens between the ages of 10 and 18, you must provide a fresh picture.
  • Complete all fields on the service application form
  • Submit full dues
  • Please wait for your ID to be readied and collect it from the Civil Information Headquarters reception hall, Zahra.

Procedure for ID Renewal of Expatriates

The procedure below is for non-Kuwaitis expatriates to have their expired IDs renewed.

  • Avail of this service by simply dialing 889988 over the phone
  • Select language by pressing 1 for Arabic and 2 for English
  • Choose desired option from the voice list.

You can follow the below-mentioned procedure for online application submission:

ID Renewal of Expatriates

Civil Id Renewal

  • Visit the Civil ID Renewal weblink.
  • Fill in the necessary information.
  • Follow mentioned instructions.
  • Upon processing your application, you will receive a confirmation message.
  • Collect your renewed Civil ID from the office of the Public Authority of Civil Information Headquarters, Zahra, Checkers’ Building, ground floor, Reception Hall to receive the new card
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