PACI Online Appointment For Civil ID

PACI online appointment for civil ID is accessible via the online website. If you do not know how to book an appointment online for Kuwait Civil ID, you need not worry; we will guide you through all details.

You can efficiently perform these steps to get a position on the PACI portal. It’s pretty easy to do because all these steps are well defined with images that will be helpful for you.

Step 1: Visit the PACI website portal to submit your request for an appointment.

Step2: Here, you will find the online website portal where different options and menus are available. Select the E-services option.

E services

Steps4: Now, after clicking on the appointment booking option, a new webpage will be open, where the terms and conditions related to these services are available.

Step5: Now click on the start service button.

Step6: After clicking on the start service button. A new drop-down two options menu will be open at the top of the page. Here you have to choose the new appointment book.

Step7: Here on this page, you can read the different available required boxes by the PACI website portal into the required tab. Select the reason for the appointment booking.

Online Appointment

Step8: Then select the branch and office where you will get your civil id.

Step9: Click on the Next button.

Step10: Into the next tab. Select the timing of your visit to the office. It means when you want to visit the office in the morning or evening. However, you also have to select the date and time and the morning and evening shifts.

Appointment For Civil ID

Step11: When you have put all the required information, click on the Next button.

Step12: After clicking on the Next button, you will receive a bar code. Just save it to your phone.

You will quickly complete the PACI online appointment for civil ID by following all these steps. You can do this within a few minutes; that is a very simple and quick procedure to get an appointment online.

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