What is reference number in Kuwait Civil ID

Every expatriate and citizen must have a civil identification card, a bitaqa-almadaniyah. PACI, the Department of Public for Civil Informatics, issues civil identification cards. Civil identification cards contain the following information: civil ID number, sponsor’s name, type of visa, and expiration date of the card. A resident must apply for a Civil Identification Card within thirty days of obtaining a resident permit.

All residents have a civil identification number. Whether the owner switches sponsors or returns to Kuwait, the reference number remains the same, requiring the Kuwait Civil ID after an extended absence. Civil ID numbers combine the owner’s birth date with the number.

To monitor citizens ‘ employment, taxes, government benefits, and health care, numerous governments issue national identification numbers, national identification numbers, or national insurance numbers.

Many nations have issued unique numbers with a specific purpose, but these numbers have become official national identity numbers. One is nearly necessary to open a bank account, receive a credit card, and drive a vehicle. Despite the danger of mismatched identities, nations without uniform national identification numbers must create their own.

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How do I renew my Kuwait civil ID reference number?

Kuwaiti civil identification numbers need to be renewed at the following intervals:

  • Identification cards have a limited validity.
  • Change in sponsors
  • Changing the residence

Documents for first-time civil ID applicants:

  • Passport
  • Passport page photocopies with personal information and a stamp of residency
  • Security clearance or fingerprint is required for anyone above sixteen (16).
  • For persons born in Kuwait, an authentic birth certificate
  • Certificate of blood group.
  • Address verification
  • Sponsors’ joint declaration

Documentation for infants born with Kuwaiti civil identification:

  • Certification of birth
  • Passport photocopies of the sponsor
  • The passport of the infant
  • No matter what sort of visa he possesses, the following documents are necessary for renewal or alteration of civil identification
  • His passport, photocopied
  • Declaration of the Sponsor
  • Presently issued identification
  • Justification for the change of address

Kuwait Reference Number

The following section explains how to locate a Kuwaiti Reference Number. Finding the Kuwaiti Reference Number is quite simple. We will walk you through the steps and procedures you need to follow to find your Reference Number in detail.

It is necessary to know three things to find the Reference number:

  • Civil Identification Number
  • Passport No.
  • Passport Expiration Date

To find a reference number, you must follow these three steps. Ensure that you know knowledge about these.

Checking Reference Numbers in Kuwait

Follow this simple guide to find a Reference Number in Kuwait. These are the 4 steps to finding a reference number in Kuwait:

  1. Start by visiting the official site.
  2. Clicking here will open a new window with the click here option.
  3. Click on the arrow option. The form will open.
  4. After that, a new form will appear, as shown in the below image, where you must carefully fill out all the fields. You can view it here.
  • Under Civil ID, type the civil ID number.
  • You should fill out the passport number box with your passport number
  • Passport expiration date – Enter the expiration date of your passport
  • Finally, click on Inquire

5. Click on Inquire when you are ready. You will see your reference number displayed here.

Therefore, everyone can easily check their reference number using this method. After reading this article, you can also check your reference number in Kuwait by following these simple steps.

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