Moi Qatar Traffic Violations Check and Pay Fines Online

Drive safe message never gets old and always remains relevant. However, every driver during their driving tenure gets a ticket. A lousy fortune, but you have no way around it once it’s done.

So, if you have received a traffic ticket while driving in Qatar and do not know how to settle it, do not worry, as this article will get you through a step-by-step guide for traffic violations in Qatar MOI.

Fortunately, settling an MOI traffic violation is not a tough nut. You can quickly close it through multiple options, with online being the best and the fastest way out of the offense.

In addition, we will also discuss how to know traffic violation details. Furthermore, you will also learn to check traffic violations online.

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How to check traffic violations in Qatar?

Checking for a traffic violation in Qatar is easy. You can either check MOI traffic violations through Metrash Mobile App or by the MOI website.

We will discuss both of these options in detail.

Check Traffic Violations through MOI Website

If you do not want to install an app on your phone? But still, you need to check for Ministry of Interior traffic fines; you can quickly check them online from the MOI traffic website.

Let us now learn how to check traffic violations through the MOI website in Qatar.

Step 1: Visit the official Qatar traffic violation webpage

Visit the official Moi Traffic Inquiries Page.

You will land on a page with the below screen.

official Qatar traffic violation webpage

Step 2: Click Traffic Violations

On this page, click the “Traffic Violations” icon. It will bring a traffic violations inquiry page.

Traffic Violations Page

Step 3: Enter Details

On the Traffic Violations Inquiry, enter the required details. You can search open tickets using vehicle numbers, company ID numbers, or QID.

You can select the “Foreign Vehicles” option if your vehicle is not registered in Qatar. Similarly, you can also check traffic violations by plate number.

Step 4: Get Violation Details

After providing details as required, click the submit button to receive details of your traffic violation in Qatar.

There you have it, and you can quickly check traffic violations online.

Check Qatar Traffic Violations through Metrash Mobile App

The following steps will introduce you to checking traffic violations through the Metrash mobile app. The app is user-friendly and tackles general query traffic violations.

It is an official app designed by Qatar’s Ministry of Interior (MOI). The app offers various services for MOI traffic violations and Qatar radar check-in details.

Currently, more than 150 services are on offer on the Metrash2 app. Some primary services include renewal of residence permits, transfer of vehicle ownership, visit visa application, driving license renewal, and many more. Checking for a traffic violation in Qatar is easy. You can either check MOI traffic violations through Metrash Mobile App or by the MOI website.

We will discuss both of these options in detail in the coming lines.

Step 1: Login to Metrash2 App

You can download the Metrash2 app from Google Playstore for android or App gallery for iPhone. After downloading, install the app and create your Login account.

Login to Metrash2 App

Your app will look like this after your account is successfully created.

Step 2: Locating the Traffic icon

On the home page of the Metrash2 app, you will see a “Traffic” icon; click it to check traffic violations in Qatar.

Step 3: Check for Traffic Violation

Under the traffic page, you need to click the “Violation Service” icon. It will take you next page, where you will be able to see the different types of violations, including Violation images, Query/Traffic Violations, and Violation Objection.

Check for Traffic Violation

To get details of your open traffic violation ticket, click the “Query/Traffic Violations” icon. It will land you on the violations inquiry page.

Step 4: Enter Details

Here you are required to enter your Qatar ID. You can also search details for a traffic violation by plate number.

All traffic violation details, including open tickets against provided details, are displayed on this page.

If there are no violations, you will see the expiry date of your vehicle’s registration card (called Istimara).

How to pay fines for MOI traffic violations

Ministry of interior traffic fines in Qatar is quickly payable online and offline. At your convenience, you either use digital payment or physically visit traffic department offices to clear outstanding traffic violation tickets.

  • Firstly, you can pay the fine online through the Metrash2 app. You can follow the same steps as detailed earlier. If there is a violation ticket, you will see an option to Pay the Fine. Once you click this link, you will see the payment screen. By using your debit or credit card, you can easily make payments.
  • Secondly, use the Ministry of Interior (MOI) official website. Follow the same steps as mentioned earlier. You will see an option “Settlement of Violation” option; clicking it will guide you to the payment page.
  • Thirdly, visit the nearest traffic department office and pay cash for your traffic violations Qatar MOI.

You can watch the below video tutorial to check your Moi Qatar traffic violations by following step by step guide.

Appealing against traffic violations in Qatar

Qatar traffic department allows you to appeal against your violation ticket. Just as you have multiple options to check traffic violations online, similarly, you have numerous appealing options.

However, you must file the objection within fourteen days from the registration date of the violation.

Let us now explore options for appealing the traffic violation.

Appealing through the Metrash2 App

Step 1: Login to your Metrash2 mobile app.

Step 2: Click the “Traffic” icon under the Service tab.

Step 3: Click the “Violation Service.”

Step 4: Click the “Violation Objection” under the Violation Service tab.

Step 5: Select “Violation” and click Next.

Step 6: Enter your appeal details regarding the violation ticket.

Step 7: The public query traffic violation team will revert with their findings within a period not exceeding thirty days through SMS on your registered mobile number. If your appeal is rejected, you will have to pay the fine. However, if a violation ticket is found wrong, it will be removed from your outstanding log.

Important points for appeal

Please consider the below points before logging your appeal against a traffic violation in Qatar.

  • A violation is contestable within fourteen days of its registration.
  • The response from authorities is received within thirty days.
  • You can only appeal once for a particular ticket.
  • You cannot appeal for a ticket that is already paid.

Reporting traffic violations through Metrash2 App

In Qatar, you can report a violation if committed by other drivers. The process is simple.

Here are the steps to report a traffic violation.

Step 1: Login Metrash2 App.

Step 2: Click the “Communicate with us” icon under the Services tab.

Step 3: Click the “Traffic” icon.

Step 4: Click the “Report Traffic Violation” icon.

Step 5: Complete all the details, upload a picture and click the “Send” button. The ministry of interior traffic fines department will review and approve the violation if satisfied.

Furthermore, a clear picture with a visible number plate, location, and time is mandatory for logging a violation.

Reporting traffic violations through Call

Besides the Metrash2 app, you can dial the directorate public service number +974 234 4444 to report a traffic violation. It is an automated response system number developed by the MOI traffic department.

If you are wondering how to know traffic violation details? Dial the number mentioned above. Furthermore, you can get general information like driver licenses, number plates, technical examinations, traffic awareness, patrols, and investigations.

The helpline is active 24/7 and offers communication in Arabic and English.

Additional services on the Metrash2 app

In addition to checking MOI traffic violation updates, users can also avail of other services from the Metrash2 app.

To name a few:

  • Obtain a driving license
  • Renew a driving license
  • Transfer of ownership
  • Renewal of Istimara
  • Reserved vehicles details
  • Traffic accidents details

Frequently Asked Questions

How to check traffic violations in Qatar?

You can check traffic violations online from the MOI official web page or the Metrash2 app.

Is there a discount on traffic violation fines in Qatar?

Yes, you can avail 50% discount if you pay your traffic violation fine within thirty days of the offense.

How to pay a traffic violation fine in Qatar?

You can pay through online portals using the Metrash2 app or the MOI traffic website. Additionally, you can physically visit the traffic department’s office to pay cash.

When do I get notified after the offense?

You will have notification of a traffic violation act 1-3 days after the offense registration.

What is the penalty if you do not pay for your traffic violation in Qatar?

Your vehicle registration (Istimara) will be blocked and cannot be renewed next time.


Qatar is safe with road safety but is strict regarding violations.

Qatar’s Ministry of Interior has developed means to keep a check and balance the traffic situation. You can check if any violation ticket is open against your vehicle.

The system is developed to make life easy. You can use the Metrash2 app or MOI traffic website to check your violation details. Additionally, you can even check traffic violations by plate number.

Our guide has provided step-by-step detail to equip you with information to check traffic violations online in Qatar.

We hope it was helpful. Travel safely and responsibly.

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