Civil ID Payment for Expatriate Online (Complete Guide)

The state of Kuwait issues a civilian identity card, mandatory for all age groups. In the native language, this is known as Batiqa-al-Madaniyah. Even for expatriates, an identity certificate is compulsory to stay in Kuwait. They need to apply for identity registration at the Public Authority for Civil Information. Following that, the authority grants a 12-digit civil number.

The Kuwait Authority of Civil Affairs charges 5 Kuwaiti Dinars for expatriate smart cards. In addition, the payment method is easier, as ex-pats can pay the civil ID fee through e-payment. Now people can apply for the card in no time right after making a transaction. Here is a comprehensive guide about the civil ID payment for expatriates. Go over and check your Kuwait Civil ID Status and pay the fee online for delivery.

Table of Contents

Civil ID Payment Procedure

Expatriates Identity card payment is a hassle-free task due to the digital payment system. From fee inquiry to PACI send-out, every online process ensures payment security. Some steps are mentioned. That shows how this payment process takes place. Spare a second to check the details below.

PACI Official Page

To begin with, visit the official Public Authority for Civil Information, the Kuwait website. The webpage has an e-service section inculcating civil fines and card payments.

Civil registration Portal

At PACI, go to the civil and resident portal, click the civil card option and fill in the service application form. Before the document verification, the visitor will get a specific identity number issued by the authority.

Expatriates’ Civil Cards

After that, check the expatriate’s online application section. Apply for a civil identity number at the PACI online. Pick the one option from the related ex-pats icon like ID card renewal or first-time registration.

Civil ID Fee

Go for the ID fee payment option. Then enter the given identity payment number. Your smart card acquisition fee will appear immediately on the screen. Submit the payment through an electronic payment method.

E-payment & Inquiry

Expatriates that choose online payment for the civil identity card over manual can also avail of the e-inquiry service. Due to Pandemic, the Public Authority for Civil Information Kuwait has provided easy access to the fee inquiry system. Just enter the civil number and get the envelope fee amount online.


A smart identity card will permit citizens to verify their registration at any time. Kuwaitis and non-Kuwaitis are both entitled to have an ID card, which can also be used as a passport in nations of the Gulf. Computerized identification documents are thus required for ex-pats living in Kuwait.

Additionally, the Civil Affairs Authority of Kuwait also launched Kuwait Mobile ID for online registration. To deal with the COVID crisis, PACI and the Kuwait government have transformed the manual payment system into a digital one. This ensures the safety of the masses and upkeeps the continual civil registration affairs. Now expatriates can easily make payments for civil id card issuance.

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