Do US Citizens Need a Visa for Qatar?

The choice of a destination can be challenging, but it can also be rewarding. If you think visiting a foreign country is one of the priorities of your vacation, check with the closest embassy to find out what paperwork is required. US citizens are not required to apply for a visa before visiting Qatar.

There is no charge for visas for US citizens with tourist or visitor visas. If you plan on traveling to Qatar, you must obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization 48 hours before your departure date. You can also find a list of frequently asked questions, like Do US citizens need a visa for Qatar? You are entrusted to us to keep you safe and secure.

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Visa-free Qatar for US Citizens

You are not required to apply for a visa for Qatar in advance if you will be staying less than 30 days in the country. However, if you stay longer than 30 days, you will need to obtain a Qatar visa to enter the country repeatedly unless you exceed 30 days.

US Visa Requirements for Qatar

To be able to enter Qatar without a visa, you have to follow the following steps:

  • Passport validity must be within six months of arrival date.
  • Stamps can only be issued on blank pages in your passport.
  • Your onward travel confirmation or tickets.
  • Stay at a hotel or with family or friends.

It is mandatory to review all paperwork upon arrival, and a fine of $55.00USD per day will be imposed if you stay longer than your permitted stay.

Qatar World Cup travel for US citizens

In order to watch the US men’s national team compete at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, thousands of US fans are expected to travel to Qatar. Passengers who possess Hayya Entry Permits will not be required to obtain a visa for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. It is necessary to verify these permits before entering the country.

  • Check your US passport expiration date.
  • Visit FIFA’s official site to book tickets.
  • Grab a Hayya card.
  • Make your reservation.
  • Health insurance proof is required.
  • Tickets for return flights.

Duties for Qatar Visa

  • GCC Residents Fee: For credit card payments, the visa fee is QR100, and for companion visas, it is QR50. Visas that have expired will be penalized with a QR200 fine each day that remains.
  • Fees for Tourist Visas: Visa fee is QR100 per person. The visitor with a tourist visa must pay QR50. Overstaying is punishable by a QR200 fine.
  • Visiting visa fee: As a rule of thumb, QR200 for each visa, plus QR50 for each dependent and companion. If the visa is extended for another month, the fee will be QR200 per month.
  • Visa for Newborns: Newborns are not required to pay for a visa.
  • Return Visa Fee: It varies from QR200 up to QR500, depending on what kind of employer you are.
  • VOA for GCC Residents: For obtaining a visa by credit card, there is a QR100 fee, and there is a fine of QR200 for every day the visa is expired.

Validity and Duration of Qatar Visa

A Qatar waiver visa bears a validity of 30 days, giving the holder the right to reside in Qatar for 30 days after the visa issuance. An extension of 30 days may be granted if necessary.

Qatar Travel Tips

In order to respect local traditions, cultures, and laws, residents of the United States need to take note of these factors:

  • Women and men must cover their chests, shoulders, bellies, and knees, and tight leggings must be covered with long shirts.
  • Qatar’s alcohol laws are stringent, limiting access to non-Muslims over 21.
  • Intoxication in public is punishable.
  • Qatar prohibits extramarital relations.
  • Pregnancy care in Qatar requires proof of marriage.
  • In Qatar, homosexuality is illegal. For more information, consult the Department of State Travel Advisory.
  • Marijuana and THC are illegal in Qatar, as in the United States.
  • Photographs and videos of strangers are illegal.
  • Qatar allows temporary driving with US licenses.
  • Ticketing and accidents are serious.


Does Qatar allow me to extend my stay?

Tourists usually are allowed entry into the country for a maximum period of 30 days. However, if you wish to stay longer, you may request a 30-day extension of your waiver, which is handled by the Immigration Department at Hamad International Airport.

For the extension fee of 27.00 USD, you will need a passport for each party member and proof that you will continue to your next destination. Credit or debit cards are accepted as payment for the extension fee.

Does My Waiver Transferrable to a Different Type of Visa?

You must submit the correct application when you are in the country for business or work. There is no way to swap waivers and visas if you need to change your waiver while already in the country; you must leave and apply for a permit suitable for your entry needs.

Are Waivers Eligible for Transit Visas?

You can apply for a free transit visa if you are transiting on a Qatar Airways flight less than 4 days long. As soon as you apply, you will receive an email with your transit authorization once you apply. You will receive a waiver if you forget to apply for transit authorization. In order to qualify for a waiver, one must stay in the country for at least one night.

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